Krampustreiben in Reutte, the Krampus parade on 1 December!

This is a must for the senses!

Since the middle of the 17th century it is custom for Krampusses accompanied by St. Nicholas to visit children around St. Nicholas Day on the 6th of December.

The idea is that Santa Claus gives presents to good children, but naughty ones are punished by Krampus. In addition, over the years the custom of walking in a Krampus developed. As horned figures, like a devil, the disguised Krampus walked through the villages and frightened passers-by.

Meanwhile there are organized Krampus parades with numerous participating groups from near and far in many places of Tyrol. Thousands of onlookers line the streets and witness the hustle and bustle of the terrible creatures. Also in Reutte there will be a parade this year.

At 18:00 the parade starts through the center of Reutte.

The spectators can expect not only the fearsome hustle and bustle of the devils, but also numerous food stands along the route and a Mega Krampus Party with an open air stage at the Sax area.