Make fasting or feasting special, time for a “Stark-beer”!

Stark- beer tapping in Schwangau: 

Wednesday, 26th February at 2p.m. in the Hotel Schneiderhanser

Saturday, 29th February at the Schlossbrauhaus (CSU Schwangau)

Saturday, 14th of March at the Schlossbrauhaus (with music)

Strong beer evening with live music: 7th, 21st and 28th of March in the Schlossbrauhaus

Stark- beer is the name given to a beer with an original wort content of over 16% and an alcohol content of 6.5% or more.

It is only served and drunk during Lent between Ash Wednesday (end of carnival) and Easter.

The story goes as follows:

Paulaner monks came to Munich in 1627 and settled there. A few years later, during Lent, they brewed a so-called Hausdrink, a strong, particularly high-calory beer, for the first time.

“Liquid does not break fasting” allowed them to survive this period better without solid food (hence the name “liquid bread” for beer).

It was called “Holy Father Beer” or “Saint Father Beer”, which later became Salvator Beer.

Although it was not allowed to serve this house drink to people outside the monastery, the monks gave it to the poor and other needy people, which got them into trouble with the local breweries.

It was not until 1780 that Karl Theodor allowed the Paulans to serve beer without restriction.

Since 1896 the name Salvator has been protected by copyright and many fantasy names have come up,  ending in -ator (Maximator, Triumphator, Linator etc.).